A young man in his living room with a VR headset on

Tips for Using a VR Headset with Glasses

VR is an exciting new way of gaming that you can't miss out on, even if you wear glasses. Here are some tips for using a VR headset with glasses.

Virtual reality is the next evolution of gaming, and it's an incredible experience that will immerse you in a whole new world. If you are looking to try it, you might be wondering whether you can play if you are wearing prescription or gaming glasses. The good news is that you can, but you just need to utilize these tips for using a VR headset with glasses.  

Use the Best VR Headset 

Before we get into how you can play VR games with your glasses on, you should know what the best options for headsets are. These are the following headsets that you can wear with a pair of glasses over them:  

  • Oculus Rift 
  • HTC Vive 
  • PSVR 

Make Sure the Lenses Will Fit 

The first tip for using a VR headset with glasses is to make sure your lenses will fit when you have the headset on. Check what the measurements of the glasses are and compare them to the VR headset. You may need to get a new pair of glasses if they are too big, but the headsets we mentioned in the previous section should have enough room for glasses.  

Put on the Headset Correctly  

If you have an opportunity to try the headset on before buying them, this is even better. However, when you do put the headset on, make sure you put it on correctly. This means that you must put the VR headset on from back to front to ensure that the glasses will stay on.  

Adjust Your Headset 

Once you have the headset on, you will then want to make some adjustments.  Many VR headsets make it easy to adjust, so put it on the setting that makes it looser. Then, adjust it to a comfortable setting with your glasses on.  

Protect Yourself from Blue Light 

After getting a feel for the headset, you can now enjoy the immersive gameplay VR has to offer. However, you are also going to need to protect yourself from blue light when you are using a VR headset, which can be done with blue light gaming glasses from Glassy Eyewear.