A pair of clubmaster gaming glasses sitting on a gaming controller and headset in a dark setting

How To Avoid Common Video Game Injuries

Many don't think of gaming as a place where injuries can occur, but they are actually pretty common. Learn how to avoid common video game injuries ahead.

Gaming is meant to be a fun and competitive experience, but many people don’t realize that some common injuries can happen while playing on a console or PC. Being aware of these injuries is the first step to preventing them. Learn how to avoid common video game injuries ahead.

Stretch Often

Many gaming injuries can occur in your hands, elbows, and back. Performing some stretches before, during, and after you finish gaming is a great way to avoid an injury. Simple stretches like standing up and down, extending your arms, and doing shoulder shrugs can go a long way.

Take Breaks

It’s well-known nowadays that sitting down for long periods of time can be harmful to the body, which is why breaks are necessary when gaming. While games can be addicting, taking breaks for a few minutes every few hours will give you a chance to stretch, hydrate, and recharge your body.

Be Conscious of Your Posture

Another thing to keep in mind when you are gaming is your posture, especially if you are playing on a PC. Poor posture can be the cause behind many of the injuries you might be suffering from. One easy way to improve your posture is by getting a chair with ergonomic features.

Watch the Volume

It can be easy to play games with loud music, but this can lead to ear discomfort and hearing issues down the line. Be mindful of how loud you are playing your game and take breaks from wearing headphones too.

Wear Gaming Glasses

The blue light that comes from a screen is a common cause of fatigue and can cause digital eye strain and headaches while gaming. However, you can resolve these issues with gaming glasses from Glassy Eyewear. Wearing gaming glasses will block blue light and all the side effects that come with it. Browse Glassy Eyewear’s large selection of stylish gaming glasses, including our prescription eyewear, today!

Whether you play competitively or just for fun, these tips on how to avoid common video game injuries can help you perform better. However, you should also see a medical professional for expert advice if you continue to experience serious issues from frequent gaming.