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Sports Video Games to Play in Quarantine

Leagues might not have resumed yet, but you can still find ways to enjoy them in the meantime with these sports video games to play in quarantine.

Due to recent events, the sports world has turned upside down, and it’s expected that several sports leagues in the United States will return toward the end of the summer. However, you might be looking for something to fill your sports void and there’s no better option than playing video games. Learn about some of the best sports video games to play in quarantine below.  


The first game you should consider playing comes from EA’s NHL series. The NHL games are widely considered to be among the best sports games you can get and are incredibly fun. Since the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs aren’t happening right now, you can set up playoff mode, which is one of the many features included within the game.  


Another major sporting event we are missing out on this summer is the Euro 2020. Instead, you can take this time to play as clubs and national teams from around the world with FIFA. If you are interested in playing FIFA and NHL, you can usually find the two games together in a bundle.  


For basketball, NBA 2K is your best bet. You might have seen online tournaments with fellow NBA stars playing the game on ESPN, but you also can play it yourself. In addition, NBA 2K is a game that you can find at an affordable price, no matter which year it’s from.  

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 

Speaking of older games, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater might have come out in the ‘90s, but it’s still one of the most popular sports video games of all-time. On top of the nostalgia, it was recently announced that both the original game and its sequel are getting remastered versions in September.

NCAA Football 

There actually hasn’t been a new NCAA Football game since 2014. However, you can still find what is one of the best football games around and play as some of the best college football teams of the past.  

Just like the players in the top sports video games to play in quarantine, you should also take care of your health as you play. Order some high-quality gaming eyewear from Glassy Eyewear.