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Photo taken in March 2011 in Simi Valley, CA

The Founders of Glassy Eyewear

The Founders of
Glassy Eyewear

It all started back in 2011 in Southern California when Vince and Professional Skateboarder Mikemo Capaldi, two brothers, conceptualized "Glassy Sunhaters" while out skateboarding one day. Started in their own home, selling a small selection of stylish sunglasses online. Today, we're still a family-owned and operated business, which means we've held onto that special, personal touch that sets us apart. Even though we've grown, our commitment to offering high-quality eyewear without the high prices is as strong as ever.

 In 2018, we added new eyewear options to our family, like Blue Light Gaming Glasses and prescription eyewear, including regular eyeglasses, gamer glasses, and prescription sunglasses. All these exciting changes led us to decide on a new name, "Glassy Eyewear," which better represents our expanded range and our dedication to helping you look great while keeping things personal.

While we have a passion for streetwear, gaming and extreme sports, we're also exploring new audiences that align with what Glassy represents while being authentic to ourselves. At Glassy Eyewear, we're all about adventure and innovation, so keep an eye out for the exciting directions we're heading! 🕶️🌟🌍

Thank you to everyone that has supported Glassy. If anyone ever has any questions, you can email or and we will take care of anything you need help with.

Thank you

Vince and Mikemo Capaldi