There is no debate that screens of all shapes and sizes are here to stay. As a result, children are exposed to HEV—better known as blue light—earlier than ever before. Most kids enjoy playing video games, and they can sit and play for longer periods than adults. Plus, there’s overwhelming evidence that video games have several advantages on child development. There are also mountains of evidence that describe the risks of being exposed to blue light for short and long durations. Below, we break down some of the benefits of gaming glasses for kids.

 A kid playing game

Gaming Glasses Protect Against Blue Light

Exposing your eyes to blue light can cause several complications. One of those complications can lead to macular degeneration, which gradually causes blurred vision. Macular degeneration often gets worse with age, so we should prevent it as early as possible. Blue light can significantly harm children in particular. The reason is that kids’ eyes are still developing, and blue light can harm that development while causing future eye troubles.

 A kid hearing a song with headphones.

Gaming Glasses Reduce Eye Strain

While video games are a fun activity for many children, more and more kids do schoolwork on their computer. Kids shouldn’t need to stop playing games or studying because of eye strain. Since our gaming eyewear for kids blocks blue light, they will significantly reduce eye strain.

 a kid wearing a eyewear looking in a stylish mood

Our Gaming Glasses Are Stylish

Just like you, kids want to like what they’re wearing. That’s why all of our products keep style in mind. We offer several products that will protect your child’s eyes from HEV while looking stylish. These products include standard kids’ gaming glasses, prescription glasses, and even kids’ sunglasses.

With all the benefits of gaming glasses for kids, don’t hesitate to order today! If you have any questions about these products, simply contact us—we’re happy to help.