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Tips for Choosing Glasses Based on Face Shape

A common question when it comes time to choose frames for glasses is what shape you need to complement your face. Face shape is a crucial component to making your glasses look good. While finding your face shape is a journey all on its own, choosing the right glasses for it can also be an exercise in patience. To help you out, we’ve got a few tips for choosing glasses based on face shape to get you in the ballpark of what will work.

Square Face

If you have a square face with sharp angles and straight lines, you want to stay away from adding more lines to your face—this means staying away from very square frames. Round or oval frames that are a bit wider than they are long will soften your face ever so slightly, which can balance out your entire look. If you want attention away from the squareness of your face, consider a bold color as well.

Oval Face

Ovular faces are some of the luckier ones. Most glasses frames will pair well with an oval face. Don’t be afraid to choose one that fits your style, no matter what shape the glasses are. If you want to add more balance to your face, consider choosing frames that have a more angular look to them. A geometric-shaped frame will suit your face best, but feel free to experiment on your own.

Round Face

Having a round face means you have a lot of smooth lines and symmetry from side to side and top to bottom. Round faces can look really great with more angular frames because they add some much-needed sharpness to the face. Rectangular frames can also work to elongate your features and thin out your face a little bit.

Triangular Face

Having a triangular face means you’re wider near the chin and narrower near the forehead. To balance this out, you want the exact opposite for your frames. A frame that is larger on the top than the bottom can counteract the triangular face shape and even it out. Cat-eye glasses or D-frames can make this happen for you.

Heart Face

The heart face shape is the opposite of the triangular, wider in the forehead and more narrow down by the chin. Depending on your specific face shape, you may want to counteract this by giving yourself more bottom-heavy frames. Frames with low-set temples can also help if you’d like to draw attention away from your forehead.

Our prescription eyewear here at Glassy Eyewear can help you create the look that you want for your face shape. We hope these tips for choosing the right glasses based on face shape have shown you that you can look good in glasses, no matter what your face shape may be.

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