A young man and woman happily enjoying video games together

Reasons To Consider a Career in Video Game Design

A career making video games can seem like a pipe dream, but you can make it happen. Here are some reasons it might be the perfect choice for you.

If you want to turn something you love into a career, you must have a serious passion for it. Being a video game designer is the kind of job that some people dream about, and it’s easy to see why. Video games bring joy to so many people. If you’ve never given the idea any real thought before, here are a few reasons to consider a career in video game design.

You Want To Develop a Diverse Skill Set

Video game development is an extremely broad category; it takes so many different jobs to create a game. If you’re the kind of person that likes learning new things, video game design might be right for you. Whether you enter the field as an artist, programmer, writer, or tester, you have many opportunities to expand your set of skills beyond where you began.

You’re Passionate About Creating Fun for Others

Enjoying video games is one thing, but one great reason to consider a career in video game design is that you enjoy providing entertainment to other people. Not many jobs allow you to inject a dose of enjoyment into people’s day quite like working for a video game developer. If seeing people’s faces light up as they play your game sounds appealing, game design might be your thing.

The Design Process Is Fascinating to You

You need to have a healthy fascination with the game design process to really enjoy a career in it. The storyboarding, artistic rendering, coding, and testing should all interest you, as they’re integral to every video game’s development. Getting into development simply because you love to play video games won’t get you as far as understanding how the development process works and enjoying that process.

You Want To Join a Growing Industry

Even for someone who doesn’t love video games, the video game industry is definitely one to consider for a career. The industry continues to grow every year and there are always new studios looking for talented individuals. Video games are now more accessible than ever, and with a wider audience than ever before, the industry has grown as a whole.

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