A gaming setup in a dark room lit up with LED lights from a keyboard and mouse

Essential Gaming Accessories for Professionals

A professional gamer is nothing without the proper accessories to keep them going. Here are the accessories that you need if you want to be a pro.
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Whether professional e-sports is your calling or you’re making a living streaming your video game sessions, a basic setup isn’t going to cut it. When you need to stay focused on the game in front of you, you want to give yourself every advantage possible. There’s a very clear difference between a professional setup and one for hobbyists. Here are some of the essential gaming accessories for professionals that you’ll need to give yourself the edge on your competition.

Gaming Chair

While you don’t need a branded gaming chair per se, you’ll want to get yourself a comfortable, ergonomic chair that has a lot of support. Professional gaming and streaming mean a lot of time sat in front of your desk. Playing or streaming games while you’re uncomfortable is only going to make the experience more difficult.


Another important gaming accessory for professionals is your choice in headphones. Reaction times are everything when it comes to certain games. If your game of choice involves being reactive to sounds, a quality pair of headphones is going to give you a leg up. Don’t bother with the flashiest set you can find; the most important thing to look for is how good the actual sound quality is.

Controllers, Mouse, and Keyboard

This will vary greatly based on what game you play and what platform you prefer to play on. Professional controllers may be expensive, but they also give more benefits, such as better button layouts and more comfortable designs. If using a mouse and keyboard is your thing, consider a mechanical keyboard for extra feedback and a gaming mouse with extra buttons you can keybind certain commands to.

High-Quality Webcam

Many professional gamers either get their start in streaming or transition to streaming later on. It’s a very lucrative form of professional gaming. If you want to be successful at it, you’ll need a nice webcam to record with. You won’t last long streaming if no one wants to watch because your video feed is grainy and unpleasant on the eyes.

Eye Protection

Professionals need to practice much more than your average gamer. That means a lot of time spent with harmful blue light beaming into your eyes. If you want your reflexes and eyesight to stay sharp the entire time you play, you’ll want to get proper eye protection that filters out that blue light from your screen.

Here at Glassy Eyewear, we want to support all gamers, amateur and professional alike. If you’re already a glasses wearer but want to protect your eyes while gaming, consider checking out our prescription eyewear. They’ll keep you focused and in the game longer than your competition.