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Paul Rodriguez Signature Collection Glasses & Sunglasses


Paul Rodriguez Signature Collection Glasses & Sunglasses

Glasses are a necessary accessory for so many people; so, the options available to you shouldn’t be limited. If you’re an avid skateboarder, then Paul Rodriguez certainly rings a bell. Rodriguez has paved a way for his name in the skateboarding industry and profession. He also has a clean yet relaxed style that’s certainly enviable. With our Paul Rodriguez signature collection glasses, you can add aspects of his style into your own outfits. In this collection, we offer gaming glasses that feature blue light–blocking lenses to reduce eye strain. The Paul Rodriguez signature collection glasses are also available for those who need a prescription. Of course, when you’re skating around town, the sunglasses in this collection will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, so you can stay safe.

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Color: Black/Blue Mirror

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Color: Matte Blackout
Gaming Lens Options

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Color: Matte Black

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Color: Black/Gold / Clear Gamer

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