A young woman playing video gaming on her computer in her dark room

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Gaming Setup at Home

Make the gaming experience as great as possible by upgrading your setup. Utilize some of these tips for creating the ultimate gaming set up at home.

If you are a gamer, then you are aware of how important it is to have a good setup. There are so many cool ideas for what you can do with a gaming space, especially if you are someone who enjoys playing games on consoles, virtual reality, and a PC. A dedicated space in your home for gaming is worth it, especially with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 on the horizon. Looking to take your gaming experience to the next level? Then use these tips for creating the ultimate gaming set up at home.

Have Space for Different Platforms

The first thing you should do to build the ultimate gaming setup in your home is to have enough room for both PC and console, so you aren’t limited by exclusives. To make this possible, invest in a space that has plenty of storage by getting a desk and shelves where you can put all the various games and accessories you will use.

In addition to having space for PC and console, you should also leave enough room if you are venturing into virtual reality as well so don’t run the risk of hurting yourself or causing damage to any piece of equipment. Consoles are getting bigger and VR is making it necessary for there to be room, so make sure you have enough to play on these platforms.

Get Quality Furniture

A gaming setup also needs to have quality furniture. If you are going to have a desk for a PC, then you should invest in a chair that is tailored to gaming and that has ergonomic qualities that can help promote good posture. If you are sticking with console gaming, then you should get a comfortable couch. A setup that will be utilizing both console and PC platforms can easily have both, but go with a gaming chair if you are just looking for one piece of furniture.

Find the Right Gaming Headset

To game with others online, a must-have accessory is going to be a gaming headset. Many headsets can be used for both console and PC. The type of headset you get will largely depend on the level of comfort you are looking for. A headset will also need to come with a mic that will allow you to communicate with others online. If you are into multiplayer games, then a gaming headset that can support both PC and console games is a must.

Consider a Controller

In addition to the headset, you should also find yourself a custom controller if you or someone you know prefers to play on one. Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s DualShock 4 controllers can both be used with a PC, so doesn’t hurt to have them readily available. For your setup, you should also get yourself a wall mount where you can store both your controllers and gaming headsets instead of potentially misplacing them.

Find a Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

If you are setting up a space that will be for PC gaming, make sure you get yourself a quality gaming keyboard and mouse. You can find both that are specifically designed for gaming, with many also coming with the ability to be customized to your liking by changing out pieces. For any gamer who enjoys playing on a PC, a keyboard and mouse is a must if you don’t like using a controller.

Add Ambient Lighting

Lighting with a gaming setup is another great way to add to the gaming experience and can be done in several ways. The most common option is to get a gaming keyboard that comes with lighting already installed with it. You can also add ambient lighting behind your PC monitors, tower, TV, and console. Ambient lighting can move along with the game you are playing and instantly improve your set up at home.

Buy Blackout Curtains

Along with some ambient lighting, you will also want to get yourself some blackout curtains. This will help you prevent any glare that may come your way from looking at a screen as you game. Glare can not only cause harm for your eyes, but it can also affect your gaming performance. Another way to combat glare is to wear video game glasses from Glassy Eyewear, which come in a variety of different styles.

Use Multiple Screens

The next tip for creating the ultimate gaming set up at home is to use multiple screens. Instead of having just one monitor for PC gaming, have two or get a large one, or perhaps a curved display. While you can play console games on a PC monitor, an even better idea would be to get install a 4K TV right above your desk, which is great if you have limited space. You also have the option to set up a projector as well. The point is to utilize one wall of all your screens, so you can keep all your gaming equipment organized in one place.

Invest in a Good Sound System

No gaming setup is complete without a good sound system either. Take the time and add to the audio for the best gaming experience possible and set it up in a way so it can be used for both your PC and console gaming. You can also utilize high-quality soundbars and speakers that can rest on your desk.

Make It Personal

The last tip we have is to make the gaming room personal to you. There’s a lot you can do to make it your own, such as hanging up posters and getting collectibles from your personal favorite games. A gaming setup will only look cool if you are comfortable in it.

Gaming setups have come a long way and the best way to make an incredible space is to have the capability to play as many games as possible. This can be possible by being strategic with where you set up your PC and console and with the kind of furniture you use. There’s no better time to invest in a gaming space in your home than right now, and utilizing these tips can help you build the best one possible.