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How To Improve Your Reaction Time in Video Games

Your reaction time in video games can play a large role in how well you play. Learn how to improve your reaction time in video games with some of these tips.
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You might be frustrated with your gaming performance online, and a large part of your performance might be due to your reaction time. Like anything, there are many methods you can use to your advantage to improve your reaction time. Keep reading and discover how to improve your reaction time in video games.

Wear Gaming Glasses

Suffering from fatigue can lead to poor reaction time when you are gaming. Digital eye strain is often caused by the blue light that comes from the screen you are staring into. This blue light is also known to cause headaches, itchy eyes, and issues keeping your eyes open, which can all impact your game. Wearing video game glasses can block the harmful blue light and improve your vision, therefore increasing your reaction time in the process.

Chew Gum

The next tip on how to improve your reaction time in video games is to chew gum as you play. Chewing gum can improve your focus. Plus, 5 Gum recently launched a type of gum specifically for gamers called Respawn. The gum contains green tea extract and B-vitamins that are said to maintain your reaction time as you game, so it might be something worth looking into.

Customize Your Equipment

Today, there are also plenty of adjustments you can make to your gaming equipment to improve your reaction time. By customizing a controller or mouse, you can make changes that are more to your liking. You can also simply upgrade the type of equipment you are using. For instance, Xbox players can use an Elite Wireless Black Series 2 controller that’s tailored specifically to competitive gaming.

Warm Up Your Hands

Warming up is never a bad idea before working out, and the same is true for gaming. You can react better when your body parts are warmer because the atoms in molecules are moving faster. Some effective methods of warming up your hands before gaming include playing in a warmer environment, keeping a warm beverage next to you as you play, or wearing special gloves.

Adjust Game Settings

The game settings could also be responsible for your reaction speed. By making some adjustments to different game and console settings, you may notice a difference in gameplay that can work to your advantage. The key is to play the game enough and get to a point where you know what settings work best for you.