A young man getting an eye exam while covering his right eye

Regular Eye Exams: Why Everyone Should Get Them

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Here at Glassy Eyewear, we strive to teach everyone about the importance of keeping your eyes healthy. Your eyes are some of the most hard-working organs in your body, and not enough people take care of them as they should. The best way to keep your eyes healthy is to see your eye doctor regularly in the same way that you get routine medical checkups. In this article, we’ll go over regular eye exams and why everyone should get them so that you can see why you might want to book an appointment soon.

Increased Levels of Screen Time

We talk about it a lot here, but there’s no denying the fact that our eyes take more of a beating than they used to due to all the screens we use. All that blue light can do serious damage to your eyes faster than you might think. Going to see your eye doctor for a checkup is more important than ever now that many of us spend hours upon hours with screens in front of us.

Clear Sight Improves Focus

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from studying the effects of bad eyesight on children, it’s that poor eyesight makes it difficult to focus on things. Everyone should get regular eye exams to check in on their vision. Even as an adult, your eyes can deteriorate over time. This can affect you beyond your time in school; it can also affect your ability to focus at work.

Glaucoma Screening

You may have heard of glaucoma before but never fully understood why it’s so important to get a screening for it. Glaucoma is a degenerative eye disease that has very few early warning signs that aren’t particularly noticeable. This means that you could develop glaucoma and not realize it until it progresses to the point where it damages your vision permanently. A regular eye exam will ensure you stay ahead of this disease if you develop it.

Vision Screenings Aren’t Enough

Many people think that a vision screening and a complete eye exam are the same. However, passing a vision screening means that your vision isn’t impaired only; it doesn’t actually tell you if you have an underlying issue that you need to address. Only a licensed eye doctor can do a proper eye exam to check on the health of your eyes as a whole.

We hope it’s clear to see why you need to get your eyes examined regularly. If you need prescription eyewear after your eye exam finishes, Glassy Eyewear can get you the glasses you need to get your sight back in working order.