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Guide to the Different Sources of Blue Light

Technology is a huge factor in our lives, from work or school to our entertainment. While there are many advantages of using technology in our lives, there is also a major downside: blue light. There are many dangers of blue light which includes digital eye strain, affecting your sleep, depression, and other effects. Here is a guide to the different sources of blue light you need to know.


We spend a lot of time in front of the TV in a day, whether we’re binging a TV show or playing a video game. That’s a lot of time in front of something that emits blue light, which only increases the chances of it affecting us.


Today, smartphones consume our lives because they are used for everything from our social lives to work. However, smartphones are another source of blue light. Some phones have blue light filters, but it can take away from the image on the screen.

Computer Monitor

Another device that we don’t just use regularly, but also for extended periods of time, is a computer monitor. A lot of work is completed on computers, so we have to use it. Additionally, video games are a commitment, which also means more exposure to blue light.


Reading is one of the best things you can do before you go to bed. While you should stay away from blue light before you go to bed, many people read on tablets. Unfortunately, tablets are another source of blue light.

Before you throw out all of your devices after reading our guide to the different sources of blue light, consider an option that can help you solve the problem. Glassy Eyewear offers yellow glasses for computer, television, smartphone, and tablet use which can protect you from blue light’s dangers. Plus, Glassy’s protective eyewear is both stylish and comfortable, so your entrainment will not be disrupted.

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