Prescription Glasses Sizing Information

How Do I Find My Glasses Size?

If you currently own a pair of prescription glasses you will see 3 sets of numbers on in the side of your frames. The 3 sets represent the information below.

1. Lens Size 
Measure the lens horizontally (width) which is the most important measurement. 
2. Bridge Size 
Measures the shortest distance between the left and right lens.

3. Arm Length 
Measures the distance from the hinge to end of the arm that sits behind your ear

Prescription Glasses Sizing Numbers
Prescription Glasses Size Chart

Frame fit sizing

46mm // Small

52MM // Medium

56mm // large

Now that you have learned about the sizing of your glasses we move to our lens options

Different Types of lens

LenS Protection

All our prescription lens are made from high quality polycarbonate material and  have Anti-Reflective (AR) and Anti-Scratch coatings included with all orders.