• Select lens type

    • Anti-reflective

      Blocks up to 99.5% of unwanted reflective light.

    • Gaming Lenses

      Blue light filter with anti-reflective coating.

    • Polarized Sunglasses

      Polarized sunglasses with anti-reflecive coating included.

      (Grey lenses)

    • Transition Lenses

      Clear lenses when you're inside and sunglass lenses when you're outside.

  • Select Lens Material

    • Polycarbonate

      The most durable lenses on the market, up to 10x stronger than standard lenses.

    • 1.67 High Index

      Recommended for prescriptions that are +/-4.00 or higher and can be up to 40% thinner than Polycarbonate.

  • Upload your prescription

    • Upload your prescription

      Take a photo of your prescription and let us do the work!

    • Use my previous prescription

      If you have ordered before, we can use your previous prescription. We still have it on file!

    • Email it later

      When you're ready, send your prescription to Store@glassyeyewear.com