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What is digital eyestrain?


Disrupted sleep cycles

Eyestrain and fatigue

Lenses that actually help.
Go ahead... Argue with science.

Studies have shown that digital devices emit a harmful blue light and may be linked to the cause of eyestrain and fatigue, increased risk of macular degeneration, headaches and disrupted sleep cycles. High energy blue light on the visible light spectrum is represented from 400-420nm and our lenses will filter out the light up to 420nm. 

Anti Reflective

Reduces light reflections up to 99.5% which allows more light to enter through the lens for more clarity. 

Blue Blocker Coating

A clear layer of coating that gives off a slight blue reflection and helps reduce the harmful effects of digital blue light.

UV420 Protected

Blocks the highest energy and most harmful wavelengths (Blue Light) on the visible light spectrum. Blue light is represented from 400-420nm.

You will spend over 4,000 hours
a year looking at digital devices.

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