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gage speed shades into the sun

Premium Polarized Sunglasses

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Our wide selection of prescription and non-prescription polarized sunglasses are high fashion, provide the ultimate level of comfort, and are always in style. With professional skateboarders and other athletes using our premium sunglasses regularly, we design them only for the best of the best. When you order premium polarized sunglasses online at Glassy Eyewear, you can choose standard or premium high fashion. Our glasses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to ensure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t let the sun stop you from experiencing life. With our premium sunglasses, you will see clearly and make the most of your outdoor adventure Keep it Glassy—buy sunglasses online today!

Color: Black

69 in stock

Color: Black/Tortoise

375 in stock

Color: Matte Blackout

22 in stock

Color: Silver

205 in stock

Color: Black/Green Mirror

17 in stock

Color: Black/Blue Mirror

37 in stock

Color: Silver/Blue Lens

77 in stock

Color: Black/Blue Lens

20 in stock

Color: Blackout

242 in stock

Color: Gold

13 in stock

Color: Black/Tiffany

26 in stock

Color: Black/Gold

181 in stock

  • Save 16%

Color: Black

215 in stock

Color: Gold

100 in stock