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Top Sunglasses Trends To Look Forward to in 2022

With the future looking as bright as the sun, knowing the current trends helps. Here are some valuable tips to remember when buying sunglasses this year.
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Sunglasses are the epitome of cool. Everybody looks good in a pair of sleek shades that add an air of mystery. But there are certain trends to consider regarding what’s hot and what’s not. With spring upon us and the sun shining bright, here are the top sunglasses trends to look forward to in 2022.

Aviator Shades

Classic aviator sunglasses came out for pilots in World War II, and they keep coming back in style. With the aviator’s classic shape and unique gapped bridge, sometimes referred to as the bullet hole, they’re a must-have for upcoming trends.

Round Lenses

Another sunglasses trend to look forward to in 2022 is one that always works. The retro round look stayed popular thanks to the efforts of celebrities like John Lennon of The Beatles. The round frames aren’t suited for everybody, but if you can pull it off, there’s a lot of variety in size, frame, and lens color. You can’t be a “square” when you’re wearing round sunglasses, that’s for sure.

Mirror-Coated Lenses

People say that eyes are the window to the soul, but with a nice mirror coat, your glasses will bounce those gazes right back at your admirers. Lenses with a mirror coating do a fantastic job of dispersing UV lights (one of the main functions of sunglasses), and you can now find them in more unique styles than ever. Whether you want that classic sheen or a rose gold tint, it’s all yours with mirror-coated lenses. Just remember to choose scratch-resistant lenses.

There are many premium sunglasses available for trendsetters this year. High-quality brands continue putting out frames, and there are more color and style options than ever when it comes to your shades. Fortunately, Glassy Eyewear has all the sunglasses options you need to make a big splash in 2022.