A boy using gaming glasses while using a laptop in his bedroom

Why Your Child Needs Blue Light Glasses

Blue-light blocking glasses can help prevent a lot of problems that kids have these days. Check out why it’s a good idea for your child to have a pair.

In the past decade or so, we’ve seen a massive increase in the amount of time we spend looking at a computer screen. What’s more, children make up a large portion of the population that now spend hours looking at screens most days. If your child is an avid phone user, video gamer, or television viewer, you might worry that all this screen time isn’t good for them. To help combat the problems that screens may cause, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why your child needs blue-light glasses.

They Spend Most of the Day Looking at Screens

The chances are high that your child’s school employs the use of screens all day long. Schools nowadays are more digital than ever. Combine that with the fact that younger and younger children are getting smartphones, and you have an individual who spends almost all day looking at screens. Digital screens like this release harmful blue light that can contribute to eye strain, headaches, and more. Blue-light glasses help to filter that blue light, reducing the amount of stress on your child’s eyes. 

Their Eyes Are Still Developing

All this screen time we now have is still a relatively new phenomenon. We don’t yet fully understand the ramifications of blue-light exposure on developing eyes. Younger children who frequently look at screens may be more susceptible to blue light’s harmful effects. The science is still out on whether it does long-term damage, but given that blue light has a negative impact on fully matured eyes, we can make a safe assumption that it might also be bad for developing ones.

It Will Help Them Stay Focused

Blue-light exposure can lead to a number of nasty side effects, including headaches, memory problems, lower sleep quality, and fatigue. If you’re unsure why your child needs blue-light glasses, try to imagine dealing with all those side effects and never being able to get away from them because screens are such an integral part of daily life now. Reducing exposure to blue light can improve memory and focus, exactly what children need as they work through school.

Glassy Eyewear provides blue-light blocking eyewear because we understand how the world works but want your child to avoid the negatives of modern living. Preventing eye strain is just one great way you can help set them up for success.