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The Most Exciting 2021 Video Game Releases

With 2021 on the horizon, the next generation of games is looking enticing. We’ll break down some of the most anticipated games coming next year.

With only a fraction of 2020 left to go, the time to start looking towards the future is now. We may not know all the games that will release on the new generation of consoles yet, but what we do know is enough to have our minds reeling. Some incredible new games mixed with some highly anticipated sequels make 2021 start to look like a pretty great year for gaming. Here is our list of the most exciting 2021 video game releases.

Far Cry 6

A hotly anticipated sequel to a well-loved franchise, Far Cry 6 is the next installment of the popular Far Cry series. This time taking place on a fictional Caribbean island, the game will once more see the player going up against the forces of a menacing dictator. The Far Cry games have always had strong political undertones, and this new installment seems to be no different. The villain, Antón Castillo, should hopefully be one more in the line of great villains that the Far Cry series has churned out in the past.

Halo Infinite

Undoubtedly one of the most important video game franchises of all time, the Halo series finally returns after a long hiatus from their games. Halo Infinite is still very much a mystery in terms of story and gameplay changes, but the fact that the next Halo game is actually arriving soon is enough to have its many fans salivating for 2021 to arrive. We’ll have to see how the Master Chief finishes the fight in Halo Infinite next year.

Resident Evil Village

While the title perhaps doesn’t bring to mind the normal blood and gore horror that Resident Evil is known for, the “eighth” installment of the venerated Resident Evil series is definitely one to keep an eye on. Following directly after the last game’s events, you play the same character as in Resident Evil: Biohazard. We do know that there will be some returning Resident Evil favorites such as Chris Redfield in the game, but the main storyline is still unknown.

Hitman 3

Mysterious assassin Agent 47 returns in the third numbered sequel in the Hitman series. Little is known about the story, but the gameplay will return with all of the sneaking, stabbing, poisoning, electrocuting, and more that fans have come to love from the franchise. This will be one of the first big game releases of 2021 as it is slated to be out in January, so watch out for it after the new year drops.


A brand-new franchise from Arkane Lyon, Deathloop has captured gamers’ attention for its strange time-bending gameplay and story hook. You play as either Colt or Julianna, trying to assassinate certain targets and each other, the catch being that if you die, your day starts all over. Deathloop is scheduled for a release in March after being delayed earlier this year.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 continues the extremely popular Baldur’s Gate franchise in a big way. The game is actually currently already out in early access, meaning you can go and play part of the main story now if you don’t mind a few bugs and some missing features. With the popularity of its roleplaying predecessor, Dungeons & Dragons, on the rise lately, many people are keeping a close eye on this game’s development to fulfill the itch for a new, expansive roleplaying game to play.

Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix surprised everyone when they revealed that the next big Final Fantasy game was on its way to the new generation of consoles. While we have very little information about the story or gameplay, the trailers suggest a return to Final Fantasy’s more fantastical roots after many games have taken a more sci-fi flavor in recent years. With the success of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix is on a roll and we’re excited to see what they put out next.

God of War: Ragnarök

The most recent iteration of the God of War franchise saw the main character Kratos in a much different light than in the previous games. While almost nothing is known about the game yet, just from the title we can infer that Kratos is still very much involved with the Norse gods and may be facing the end of the world sooner than he thinks. As impressive as the last God of War game was, fans were ecstatic to hear that a sequel was in the works.

Horizon Forbidden West

The sequel to 2017’s very popular Horizon: Zero Dawn, all we know about this game is that features the same protagonist, Aloy, and that she seems to be venturing to the west of what used to be America in a post-apocalyptic setting. Coming off the surprising success of the first game and the amount of time in between the games, it’s safe to assume that the same amount of care went into this highly anticipated sequel.

Hogwarts Legacy

A game that very few people saw coming before it was announced, Hogwarts legacy takes you back into the world of Harry Potter, but far before said title character’s time. While there is little information circling around the game yet, we do know that it will allow you to roam Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry freely. Given the amount of people who have dreamed of doing just that, this is sure to be a game to fulfill a lot of fantasies.

Monster Hunter Rise

The next expansion of the Monster Hunter series is only coming to the Nintendo Switch next year. Monster Hunter Rise is said to be the best of both worlds, following on the heels of its 3DS predecessor, as well as the highly successful Monster Hunter: World. Set to release in March, this next Monster Hunter should be a fantastic addition to anyone’s Switch.

Those are our most exciting 2021 video game releases. We know that you’re just as excited to sink your teeth into this next generation of gaming, and we want you to do it right. To protect your eyes from all the incredible new graphics coming your way, Glassy Eyewear wants you to have the gaming eyewear you need to keep yourself healthy. With plenty of games to binge coming soon, there’s never been a better time to grab a pair of our blue light blocking glasses than right now.