A young woman intensely looking into a computer monitor while in a dark bedroom

The Gear You Need to Stream Gaming

A good streamer knows that their gear is essential to their success. Make sure you have the gear you need to make your stream a successful one.

If you want to make it in the streaming world, you’re going to need more than a headset microphone and your laptop’s built-in webcam. Streaming is all about providing a good experience for your viewers. To do that, you’ll need to invest in a few things to make that experience as enjoyable as possible. We’ll go over some of the gear you need to stream gaming successfully so that you and your viewers can get the most out of it.

High-Definition Webcam

In this day and age, there aren’t any more excuses for bad video quality. If your viewers can’t see you, they’ll probably switch to someone they can see instead. Unless you plan on Vtubing, you’ll want a quality webcam so that people can actually see who you are. Most people don’t have monitors that can display in 4k yet, which means that it’s still fine to stick to a 1080p camera for your webcam.

Quality Microphone

If they can’t hear you, or your sound quality makes people’s ears hurt, no one will watch you, no matter how good you might be. The level of sound quality you want to get directly correlates to how much money you spend on your microphone. However, that doesn’t mean you need the most expensive one on the market. Many reasonably priced microphones have great sound quality, and past a certain threshold, it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference.

Pop Filter

To go along with that microphone, you’ll need a pop filter to make sure you sound your best. Pop filters eliminate that annoying popping sound that microphones create when you blow too much air into them at once, like when you say a “P” or “B” sound. Those little pops can really grate on people’s ears. So, make sure you pick up a pop filter for the best sound quality.

Proper Lighting

The games you play are only half of the stream. The other half is your personality and reactions. That’s why it’s important to have good lighting on your face. No one wants to stare at a dark silhouette with no facial features playing video games. You’ve already gone all out on your webcam. Now, you have to make sure it can actually see you.

Items To Protect Your Body

Protecting your body might sound strange since you’ll most likely be in your room sitting in a chair while streaming. However, sitting and staring at a screen intensely for hours on end can have detrimental effects on your body. That’s why we make our video game glasses to help protect your eyes from all the blue light you expose them to while you play. You might also want to invest in a quality chair with good support for your back or wrist braces to avoid getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is some of the important gear you need to stream games. We hope that your streaming venture goes well and you get to make people happy doing what you love.