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The Best Video Game Worlds To Get Lost In

Video games are beloved for sparking the imagination and indulging in the greatest fantasies. Here are some of the best video game worlds to get lost in.

One of the greatest things about video games is that it allows us to explore concepts and worlds that exist only in our imaginations. Since their inception, dreams of exploring vast and fantastical worlds have been something video games have been working toward. Now, coming all the way from Pong, modern games have created and built upon fantasy worlds rich with lore and adventure. Here are some of the best video game worlds to get lost in.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda has long pioneered large-scale open-world RPGs with their wildly popular Elder Scrolls series. Most gamers are most familiar with Skyrim, the latest entry in the franchise, which features a beautiful landscape of tundra, mountains, and forests. One of the main selling points of this world is that it prioritizes player agency and expression. It does so through the design of the player character and the free-form way players can level up and develop their characters. Better yet, as you explore, you’ll slowly unfold the rich lore that fleshes out the world and helps draw you in.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

While Zelda is a long-loved franchise, Breath of the Wild is the first time Nintendo has tackled an open-world environment. Many locations within the game are familiar to players, but the appeal is that they allow gamers an opportunity to further explore these familiar environments. Players can take the time to soak in Hyrule as they gallop across bright green plains.

Red Dead Redemption 2

When considering the best video game worlds to get lost in, there’s no game more obsessed with immersion than Rockstar’s American West. It features a cast of incredibly well-written characters, and you’ll be able to live out your cowboy fantasies. You can customize your horse, clothes, weapons, and more to act out your very own John Wayne film. Or, you can spend the day relaxing by fishing, hunting, or playing a round of cards.

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar deserves a second mention for its other immersive world, a satirical replica of Los Angeles. Whereas Red Dead Redemption aims for realism, Grand Theft Auto gives you as many toys as you need to turn the world into your playground. There is no game that screams “player freedom” as loudly as Grand Theft Auto V.

It’s easy to lose yourself for hours on end when a video game’s world sucks you in. Protect your eyes with blue light-blocking eyewear to ensure you’ll always be able to lose yourself in your favorite worlds without hurting your eyes or getting headaches.