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The Best Video Game Live Streaming Platforms

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Live streaming in the video game world continues to increase in popularity with eSports and influencers such as Pew Die Pie and Ninja. There are also several ways you can enjoy these events and people in addition to streaming content of your own with others. If you are looking to connect with others in the gaming community, here are the best video game live streaming platforms.


Twitch is currently on top of the video game live streaming world. The platform launched eight years ago and became a subsidiary of Amazon back in 2014. Twitch has as many as 15 million daily active users who are watching streams. While Twitch is free, gamers also have the option to try Twitch Prime for $12 a month. The premium Twitch service includes free games, in-game loot, and more to enjoy each month.


YouTube has always been the home of gameplay, but the online video game giant took it to the next level by launching a standalone YouTube Gaming app in 2015. Despite YouTube Gaming shutting down recently, the website is still a prime live stream destination for gamers all around the world. Many of the features from YouTube gaming have come over to the regular YouTube such as Super Chat, which allows for viewers to donate to their favorite channels.


Mixer is another one of the best video game live streaming platforms out there. Mixer is also one of the relatively new ways to live stream, as Beam launched it until Microsoft bought it in 2016 and renamed it in 2017. Just last year, the streaming platform was put on the map when Ninja, one of the most popular gamers in the world, made the move from Twitch to Mixer.


Discord brings video game communities together with free voice and text chat. Discord allows gamers to connect, plus they recently launched Go Live, which now allows users to stream their gameplay to friends. Discord is great for those who aren’t sure if they want to build a live streaming audience.

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