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The Advantages of Gaming on A PC

When it comes to how you play video games, gamers have plenty of choices. There are consoles, mobile gaming, VR, PC gaming, and more. Each platform has something unique to offer for gamers, so there’s no reason to limit yourself. One platform that you should consider adding to your gaming set up is a PC. There are so many positives that come with a PC that can not only make gaming refreshing but can also improve your skills in the process. Learn about the advantages of gaming on a PC and see what you’re missing out on.

Affordable and long-lasting

Gaming can become an expensive hobby very fast. The great thing about PC gaming is that it can be a pretty affordable option. While a PC might cost thousands of dollars upfront, it will save you more money down the line due to how long-lasting it is. In addition to the price of the actual PC, you can save money on the games themselves, as gaming distribution services, such as Steam, always have sales going on. Longevity is always a factor when it comes to major purchases, and a gaming computer will give you just this.

Easy Upgrades

Another benefit of having a PC is longevity. The reason why it saves you money over time is that you don’t have to upgrade your gaming system every few years by getting a completely new platform. Instead, you can make your PC last for years by making various additions. Simple upgrades such as a new graphics card, RAM, fans, hard drives, and more can ensure that your PC can handle the next generation of games.

Great Graphics

One of the biggest aspects of gaming is the graphics. With a PC, any video game can look incredible with a graphic card of your choosing. There are various graphic cards that you can equip your computer with and truly improve your video game experience. However, just make sure that when you are gaming for long hours in front of such a stunning display, you wear yellow glasses for the computer. This way, you can avoid digital eye strain and the other dangers of blue light.

Backward Compatibility

PC gaming also allows you to enjoy video games of the past with backward compatibility. By using services such as Steam, you can access a massive catalog of older video games that you can easily download onto your PC. Playing the latest games is great, but it’s also nice to have plenty of options with the types of games you want to play.

Large Game Selection

Speaking of having the freedom to choose any number to games to play, PC gaming offers some types of games that you can’t play elsewhere. For instance, you can dive into an MMORPG such as World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic and connect with a community of players online through a PC. The best part is many of these are free at first, so you can get a taste for the game before you decide to dish out money for it.

Flexible Gameplay Options

Another advantage of gaming on a PC is that you have options when it comes to how you want to play. With PC gaming, there are two main ways to play. You can either game using a keyboard and mouse or a PC gaming controller. There is no limit on how you can play a game on a PC, which is always a good option to have. Another positive is that you can use a PS4 or Xbox One controller on your PC instead of getting a new one, as well.


PCs also allow for the customization of gaming that can truly enhance the experience. Some great additions a PC gamer can make to their set up include:

  • Dual monitors
  • Gaming keyboard
  • Wireless gaming mouse
  • Gaming headset
  • Speakers
  • Gaming chair

A PC lets the gamer tailor their platform to their tastes and can even help improve their skills in the process. There are so many ergonomic accessories that can be better for your health, too. Plus, there are plenty of changes you can make to the hardware itself, which can improve the speed and overall health of your PC.


With PC gaming, there’s room for customization within the game as well. This is possible with mods, which is the ability to add characters into a game. For example, you may see some people add a Jedi to Skyrim or Batman to Grand Theft Auto—the possibilities are endless. This is an incredibly fun thing to see, and you can find various examples online of people adding cool components of their own into a game.

Improve Your Computer Knowledge

While you can get a pre-built PC, gamers also have the option to build one on their own. This not only lets you choose what you want to put in it for maximum performance, but it also improves your computer knowledge. This is why many people who work with computers for a living build their own. It’s no different than a car mechanic working on a car. A PC can expand your computer knowledge and help you in areas outside of gaming because you know the components that make it all work.

More Uses

With a computer, you also don’t have to limit its use to just gaming either. There are so many other things you can do with a PC that can help with your job, school, and so much more. When you get a PC, you aren’t just getting an arcade machine. Given how much our world relies on technology, a computer will be a welcome addition for anyone.


With the next generation of video games on the horizon, it’s not a bad time to consider upgrading your video game set up—especially with all the advantages of gaming on a PC. A computer is a great option that comes with plenty of benefits, such as mods, backward compatibility, longevity, and more. Become a more well-rounded gamer and master the art of gaming by getting comfortable with a keyboard and mouse in addition to a controller. Video games found their start with computers, and that relationship isn’t going to change anytime soon.