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Pros and Cons of Digital vs. Physical Video Games

As gamers rush to different retail stores across the web for a chance to get a next-gen console before they sell out, another difficult decision must be made. Both Sony and Microsoft are offering their next-gen consoles with the option for an all-digital edition too. Are you ready to embrace the future of gaming or are you untrustworthy of what digital gaming has to offer? Keep reading to uncover the pros and cons of digital vs. physical video games to help you decide on what next-gen console you should get.

Physical Video Games


  • The ability to share games with others
  • You can resell your copy
  • The chance to build a collection
  • You don’t have to worry about the internet connection as much
  • The option to get deluxe editions of games with cool extras
  • More discounts available


  • You can lose physical video games easily
  • Consoles for physical video games are more expensive
  • Run the risk of damaging the disc

Digital Video Games:


  • You can purchase games instantly on the console
  • Physical media is decreasing
  • Takes up less physical space in your home
  • The option to join streaming services and play more games
  • Takes up the same amount of storage as a physical game
  • All-digital consoles are cheaper
  • You don’t have to worry about losing them
  • The ability to play games on multiple platforms


  • You don’t truly own the game
  • Have to manage the space on your console more strategically
  • Completing games can feel less rewarding when you don’t have a physical collection
  • You can’t resell your games
  • Harder to share games
  • Have to rely more on your internet connection

The pros and cons of digital vs. physical video games will play a major role for gamers who are looking to get a new next-gen console this holiday season. The Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 digital editions will cost $300 and $400 respectively, while the chance to play physical copies will require you to get the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 for $500 each. Before you start enjoying the next-gen titles, think about your eyesight by considering prescription gaming glasses from Glassy Eyewear to avoid any disruption keeping you from enjoying the most highly anticipated titles.

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