Level-Up Best Ways to Improve Your Video Game Skills

Level-Up: Best Ways to Improve Your Video Game Skills

With the amazing ability to play people around the world, video games are now more competitive than ever before. Video gaming is also no longer seen as a waste of time because it’s now a viable career. Major League Gaming has taken the world by storm—esports had 258 million unique viewers in 2017 alone. 

With the amazing ability to play people around the world, video games are now more competitive than ever before. Video gaming is also no longer seen as a waste of time because it’s now a viable career. Major League Gaming has taken the world by storm—esports had 258 million unique viewers in 2017 alone. The 2016 NFL regular season had 204 million unique viewers in comparison.

Due to its rising popularity, everybody is looking for ways to be the next great gamer. Even if you don’t want to become a professional gamer, it’s still fun to play, and losing to your friends all the time can get frustrating. Try these ways to improve your video game skills to get the upper edge.

Watch esports

The gaming landscape has changed quite a bit ever since professional gaming started to get more recognition. With the rise of MLG, aspiring gamers now have many outlets where they can tune in and watch the best in the world compete at the biggest events. You can stream esports through Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. You can even watch esports events live on ESPN and ABC. There are many ways you can watch the best gamers in the world play and learn new techniques.

Join a team

The popularity of esports and MLG has led to more teams around the world. Some colleges have even created esports teams to keep up with this trend. Joining a team can expose you to different playing styles and opens doors for more competitions. A team also allows you to compete in different tournaments and get a feel for playing in front of other people, which will only make you better under pressure.

Play different games

To give yourself a challenge, play many different types of games. There are so many different gaming platforms and genres for you to master. The ability to play on consoles and PC will make you a more well-rounded player, and there are also so many types of games out there, from first-person shooters to MORPGs. You should even play older video games, too. Opening yourself to the different gaming variations, instead of sticking with what you’re good at, will take your skills to the next level.

Do your research

While research may immediately throw people off, the point is to increase your gaming knowledge. In retrospect, all games are just code, and there is always a way to beat it. If you understand how games are created, you’ll become a better player because you’ll know what to look for. Something many also overlook that can give you an advantage in a game is the booklet that comes with it. A game booklet usually includes some tips on how you can overcome challenges you’ll face in the game.

Challenge yourself

This tip might be a no brainer, but it continues to be true. If you want to get better, you need to challenge yourself. In video games, you can easily challenge yourself by going up a level to increase the difficulty. Besides that, there are a few other ways you can make games more challenging. You can change the control’s sensitivity, install mods, and more. Try to avoid taking any advantages the game gives you to test your abilities, as well.

Play people around the world

One of the coolest things about playing video games is that you can easily play with people around the world online. Instead of always playing with your younger sibling, venture out and play people you’re not used to competing with. Your gameplay with not only get stronger, but you can also form some cool connections online.

Study your controls

If you play on console, you should understand where every button on the controller is and what it does. The same goes for playing on a PC keyboard. Before you play a game, make it a point to study the controls, so you know how to play. The point is to familiarize with where everything is located to make your reflexes faster, which is key. If you can’t get comfortable with your controls, there are options to retrofit your controller to suit your gaming style and needs.

Stay healthy

Believe it or not, just because you sit down while gaming doesn’t give you an excuse to not be in good shape. Practicing proper posture is very important to help you avoid aches and pain. You should also focus on stretches that focus on your wrist, neck, and back. You should also avoid eating junk food and drinking unhealthy drinks during a gaming session. Opt for water instead of a soda, so you can stay properly hydrated.

Avoid fatigue

Fatigue is not just felt in the hands, wrist, fingers, neck, and back while gaming. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, the blue light that radiates off the screen can affect your eyes. Video game glasses can give you the protection you need. You should put on a pair of gaming glasses during your session to block the blue light that can cause eye strain.

Upgrade your set up

Upgrading your gaming set up is another great way to improve your gaming skills. You can surround yourself with a new desk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, controller, and more. This may also mean upgrading the computer itself, so it can handle large games. Alienware and Corsair are two popular computer brands with hardware designed specifically for gaming. Comfortability is also a factor, so get a high-quality ergonomic chair with memory foam to include in your set up.

Play regularly

This final tip might be the most obvious, but it’s easier said than done. If you want to improve your skills, you should play regularly. If you truly want to get better, and potentially enter the esports world, you will need to play and challenge yourself on a daily basis. Find a good balance in your life where you can put aside time each day to get better at the craft and still fulfill your other important obligations.

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