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Everything You Need To Know About Blue Light

Ever wonder what all the worry about blue light is for? We’ll give you all the information you need to know about blue light so that you can stay safe.
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We talk a lot about blue light here at Glassy Eyewear; it’s one of the biggest reasons we make our products, after all. If you’re not as well-versed in the subject, you may be wondering what the big deal is about blue light. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about blue light so that you can understand why we make our products and what we’re trying to protect people from.

Blue Light Is All Around You

If you’ve only ever heard about blue light in reference to electronic screens, you’re not getting the full picture. The sun itself actually emits quite a bit of blue light. We know this based on the fact that the sky is blue. However, most people aren’t staring at the blue sky for hours on end, day after day, as they do with electronics.

Our Eyes Are Bad at Blocking Blue Light

One of the most important reasons we make our prescription eyewear is because our eyes aren’t very good at blocking blue light from hitting our retinas. Our eyes are good at blocking UV light, but almost all the blue light that hits your eye passes through the cornea and lens and hits the sensitive retina behind them.

Blue Light Can Have a Degenerative Effect

Numerous studies have shown that blue light is bad for the cells that make up our retinas. Excessive blue light has been shown to have an effect similar to that of macular degeneration, which is the worsening and possible loss of sight. As technology has advanced, our eyes haven’t adjusted to be able to handle all the extra blue light now being beamed directly at us.

Blue Light Causes Digital Eye Strain

Out of everything you need to know about blue light, this is the one that pertains most to your everyday life. It’s hard for the eye to focus on blue light because of its ability to scatter more easily than other lights in the spectrum. Spending excessive amounts of time in front of a computer, phone, or television screen can put strain on your eyes that can lead to headaches, blurry vision, and more.

Blue Light Is Only Bad in Excessive Amounts

High-energy light such as blue light can actually be good in moderation. This where the sun comes back into play. The blue light you receive from going outside is enough to keep you alert and energized, but the excessive blue light from screens isn’t doing anything beneficial for your health.

If looking at screens is a part of your daily life, whether you work on a computer or just love to game in your downtime, you owe it to yourself to be protected. Glassy Eyewear provides glasses that block this harmful blue light so that you can focus for longer while keeping your eyes safe.