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Easy Ways To Look Your Best In Glasses

There’s a stigma among some people that glasses are a detriment to a person’s overall look. We wholeheartedly disagree with that notion. Wearing glasses is like wearing any other accessory; you just need to know how to use them effectively to enhance your appearance with them. We’ll take you through a few easy ways to look your best in glasses so you can show the naysayers that anyone can be stylish while wearing a pair.

Complement Your Face Shape

One of the primary ways to look your best in glasses is to make sure they complement the shape of your face. A good rule of thumb here is to choose a frame shape that contrasts with your face shape. If you have a more angular face, rounder glasses can help smooth out harsh lines. Likewise, rounder faces can benefit from more angular lenses, as they give them more definition.

Don’t Be Afraid To Change Styles

People sometimes think glasses are detrimental to their look because they stick with the same pair for so long. What people consider stylish in the world of glasses changes almost as much as in the fashion industry. Glasses that were once trendy can become old hat after a while. You don’t need to wed yourself to one pair of glasses forever. Changing up the style now and then will help you look your best.

Pick the Right Color

Color plays a big role in how our glasses affect our overall appearances. You definitely want to avoid any color that washes out your skin tone as well as any color that’s too close to your natural skin tone. Brightly colored frames can work for some people, but they might make you stick out more than you’re comfortable with. Neutral colors and patterns will keep the focus on your face rather than the glasses.

Take Care Of Your Eyebrows

This might sound like strange advice, but there’s a logic to it. Because glasses aren’t a natural feature, they tend to draw people’s attention. You want to take care of your eyebrows because other people will focus more on your eyes rather than your entire face. If you want to make a good impression and look your best, you need to keep the area around your eyes in good shape.

We specialize in prescription gaming glasses here at Glassy Eyewear, and we know our customers want to feel comfortable in their frames. We have a wide selection of styles and colors so that you can get the glasses you want and look your best in them as well.

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