Photo taken in March 2011 in Simi Valley, CA

Photo taken in March 2011 in Simi Valley, CA

The Founders of Glassy Eyewear

The Founders of
Glassy Eyewear

Glassy "Sunhaters" was founded by two brothers "Vince and Mikemo Capaldi" in 2011, with the idea of starting a price point sunglass brand. The entire operation of Glassy was born out of their house with only two sunglass styles and a small online store. The brand quickly became recognized in the skateboarding industry by sponsoring some of the top professional skateboarders, which helped expand the brand into thousands of retail locations around the world. 

 Today, we have advanced our brand to focus on quality glasses for the lowest possible price because we want our customers to experience high end quality without the high end prices. Now we sell much more than just sunglasses - We sell "Gamer Glasses" to help eliminate eyestrain and fatigue, prescription eyeglasses, prescription gamer glasses and prescription sunglasses. All these changes have lead us to the deciding factor of switching our brand name to "Glassy Eyewear".  

Thank you to everyone that has supported Glassy. If anyone ever has any questions, you can email Vince@GlassyEyewear.com or Mikemo@GlassyEyewear.com and we will take care of anything you need help with.

Thank you
Vince and Mikemo Capaldi

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