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Mayfair Plus

Rose Gold

Blue light filter + anti-reflective coating

Block harmful artificial blue light (HEV) from digital screens such as phones, TV screens, computers, laptops, tablets and LED lights.

Blue light filter

Anti-reflective coating

Glare reduction technology

100% UV protected

Benefits of gaming glasses

Reduce eyestrain and fatigue

Reduce headaches

Help regulate sleep cycle

Visual comfort

Handcrafted frames

  • Stainless steel frames.
  • Stainless steel metal arms.
  • Metal spring hinges.
  • Measurements

    Fit: Narrow
    43mm / 22mm / 145mm

    What comes with our glasses

    Every pair of premium plus glasses come with a foldable hard case and microfiber cloth bag. We also offer free shipping and a 14 day return or exchange policy.

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