Tox Gaming Debuts in HaloWC Finals 2018

On March 8th 2018, The Halo and gaming community was shocked to hear OpTic announced they had dropped their team (ranked #1 and won the previous 2 years at HaloWC). Member of the former OpTic Squad, Tony Campbell Jr. (@LxthuL), Paul Duarte (@SnakeBiteFPS), Matthew Fiorante (@Royal2) and Bradley Bergstrom (@FrostyBB) reached out for help to compete in the Seattle HaloWC Finals on April 13th-15th. Glassy, along with AstroGaming, GameStop, Beyond, Razor and RevXp all joined together in helping them re-join HaloWC Finals.

On April 12th, It was announced the formerly #1 ranked OpTic squad would enter the HaloWC as Tox Gaming. To see Tox's schedule click the link below - 

HaloWC Finals Schedule