Tips for Buying Glasses: Why You Need to Try Before You Buy

VSP Global says, “Nearly everyone (97 percent) agrees that having healthy eyes is important, but only half of people get annual eye exams.” Not only should you get eye exams regularly to maintain your eye health, but you should also invest your time and money in the right pair of glasses. So, learn all about our tips for buying glasses and why you need to try them on before you buy.

See How They Look

Like choosing clothing or accessories, it’s important to try on glasses before you buy them. When you go to retail stores, displays of glasses are typically located alongside a mirror for a reason. Glasses can look different on everybody, mostly because of how they complement the shape of your face. It’s important to figure out what that shape is and then try on glasses to see if they work for you.

Feel How They Fit

Another thing you need to do before spending money on glasses is to feel how they fit. Glasses are typically sold in one size, so that means they won’t always fit you perfectly. Again, the fit depends on the style you choose and your head shape. You also want to see if the glasses are broken or uneven, too—you can tell if they’re even by setting the glasses on a table and seeing if both ends touch the surface.

Make Sure You Can See

Our final tip for buying glasses is to validate that you can see clearly. The whole point of wearing glasses is to improve your vision. Gaming glasses, specifically, can also protect your eyes from blue light that comes from phones and television screens. Even if your glasses are prescribed, you still want to ensure that they work for your eyes.


While ordering glasses can be a pain, Glassy offers a free home try on to make sure you find the right ones. Simply choose five stylish frames you like and wear them for seven days. Select the pair you enjoy the most and send back the rest.

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