The Dangers of Not Wearing Sunglasses

The sun is trillions of miles away from Earth, but it’s so powerful that it can cause various issues. Sunglasses are easily one of the best ways to combat some of the harmful effects produced by the sun’s UV rays. If you don’t have a pair, learn about the dangers of not wearing sunglasses.


In extreme cases, you can develop eye cancer if you don’t wear proper protection in certain circumstances. There are a few different types of eye cancer out there, but the most common is melanoma.


Cataracts might be the most common issue caused by too much exposure to the sun. If you have cataracts, your vision will appear cloudy or fuzzy. A main cause of cataracts comes from aging, but too much sun exposed to your eyes can increase the risk.


When people think of a sunburn, they don’t often think about the eyes. If you start to suffer from eye pain, a headache, blurred vision, or redness, you may have sunburned eyes, which is also known as photokeratitis. A serious case of sunburned eyes can last longer than two days.

Car Accident

The sun can be so powerful at times that it can prevent you from driving. A car may have a sunshade, but it’s not always effective. The sun can block your vision, and you can get into a car accident or hit someone.

Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean the sun is less of a threat in the fall and winter. Make sure you invest in quality sunglasses because a cheap pair may not do the job well. Glassy has a stylish selection available that can protect your eyes, and they’ll make a great addition to your wardrobe. If you normally wear prescription eyewear, you can order sunglasses tailored to you. 

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