Premium Collection

Premium Collection

Why should I wear premium?

We've made vast improvements on our sunglasses since starting Glassy in 2011. Overtime our customers wanted a higher-end product for an affordable price and thats what drove us to create the Premium Collection. As a result of our customers giving us input - we made upgrades to the frame, hinge and branding on the arms. Read below to find out more details about the new Premium Collection.


Made from a Swiss thermoplastic technology called "TR90". TR90 is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight.  Made to width stand abuse over long periods of time.


Constructed from Titanium Alloy material. We've added a  flexible spring hinge for an additional 30 degrees of movement to help relieve pressure behind the ears.


We debuted our Icon on the Premium Collection. The icon is made from a die-cast aluminum alloy to give our frames a high end and sleek look.


Our Polarized lens are crafted from a durable Polycarbonate material that reduces the glare that emits off objects. All our lens are inspected and approved by the FDA.