Our Story: The next evolution of Glassy

When we first started Glassy back in 2011, we wanted to have a price point sunglass brand, made by skaters, for skaters. My brother and I started the company out of our house, selling on our online webstore with just 3 different styles. We quickly expanded to hundreds of different styles and colors and to thousands of retailers around the world in just 2 years. 

With the growth of our company, we have introduced higher quality collections called the Premium and High Rollers. Also, a full line of our Gamer lenses that help protect your eyes from the harmful light emitted by all digital devices. 

The next big evolution of Glassy is very similar to our original mission, "Sell price point glasses to skaters, for skaters." Now our mission has the same principle but today it sounds a little bit more like "Sell the best quality sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses, directly to your door for the best price possible... And have the best customer service while doing it." 

Watch our story below on how we have evolved. Its been a great ride and thank you all so much for support over the years! Its been an honor. 

Just a fun side note: We will always honor and take care of any of our customers, if anything is ever wrong with any of your products, we will 100% take care of you... Every time. 

- Mike Mo

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