How to Use Glassy Eyewear's Cleaning Kit

When our glasses have a smudge on them, many of us try to wipe it off with a t-shirt or towel; however, these efforts never really work. In fact, cleaning your specs the wrong way can permanently damage them, and this applies to every type of eyewear—even computer glasses. The ESA says, “56% of the most frequent gamers play multiplayer games at least once a week, spending an average of 7 hours playing with others online and 6 hours playing with others in person.” That’s a lot of gamers who may be at risk of damaging their glasses.

Whether you’re one of these avid gamers or someone who wears prescription glasses every day, you need to learn how to properly clean your glasses. The good news is, Glassy Eyewear’s cleaning kit can help you accomplish this—we walk you through the steps below.

Prepare the Sink

The first step is to prepare a clean, empty sink—you’ll be placing your glasses in here. Make sure you’re able to close the sink’s drain, as you’ll want to begin filling it up with lukewarm water.  

Add Soap

Once filled, add a little of the lens solution that comes with the kit to the water. From here, simply dip your glasses into the water and lightly rub on them with your hands to get rid of any marks. After, take them out and place them on a safe, flat surface.

Wash Your Hands

After you place the glasses somewhere safe, drain the sink and wash your hands. Make sure your hands are completely rid of any soapy bubbles and dry them with a clean towel.

Rinse and Dry the Glasses

Once your hands are dry, rinse your glasses of any excess soap. Then, dry them with a cloth instead of a towel—the microfiber cloth that comes with the kit prevents the risk of scratching your lens.

Store Them

Now that they’re clean, store your glasses somewhere safe to avoid any dust or other particles tarnishing them. Glassy Eyewear offers plenty of stylish hard cases that will protect your glasses.

Knowing how to properly clean your glasses only takes minutes to do and will extend the life of your specs. Whether it’s reading or computer gaming glasses, Glassy Eyewear’s cleaning kit is the answer to your smudged lens problem. 

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