How Gaming Influencers Impact the Gaming Community

The gaming industry has never been bigger, and a main reason why has to do with video game influencers. Streaming technology has changed entertainment in a major way. Today, there are thousands of people who stream their video gameplay to millions—these gamers help keep the entire industry successful. Learn exactly how gaming influencers impact the gaming community.

Game Reviews

Before a video game is released to the public, gaming influencers will typically get a review copy. This gives them a chance to share their thoughts on a game before it comes out. This can play a large role in whether their subscribers buy a game, due to whether the influencer gives the game a positive or negative review. Therefore, gaming reviews will have embargos, which means that they can’t release a game until a certain time and date. Reviews spread positive buzz on a game and can dictate whether someone is willing to put down $60 for a game. Gaming influencers can steer someone towards or away from a game, simply based on what they have to say about it.

Product Promotion

Marketing has benefited in a great way thanks to the rise of gaming influencers. These influencers can bring awareness to specific products that gamers may love. One way to get the word out about these products is by having a gaming influencer promote them. A product promotion may have its own dedicated video or be featured as part of a more general video. One way a product is promoted by a gamer is showing off the product in the video and offering a deal to get their audience to buy a product.

For example, an influencer may show off vision gaming glasses, talk about how they block blue light, and offer a code. An influencer will then benefit from talking about the product and earn something based on every purchase made through with the influencer’s code. The gaming influencer may even use these products during a livestream. In addition to product promotion, advertisements are used as well. Products that gamers would never think about using otherwise may be purchased because of how much that audience trusts an influencer showing off that product.

Offer Insight

In addition to offering reviews, a gaming influencer may act as a news source for their audience. This can mean several things, from going over recent game announcements to covering gaming events. This can be done by providing updates at major gaming events, such as E3, and giving gamers insight on the growing and evolving video game world. An influencer may also host exclusive interviews with game developers to build anticipation and share new details about what they are working on prior to its launch.

Build Followings

A gaming influencer will gain popularity by building a massive following on streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and more. Gamers can be seen as outcasts, but a gaming influencer gives other players the opportunity to engage and connect with others. This is all thanks to technology, streaming platforms, and social media. This may be one of the best things about gaming influencers, because their content creates a conversation about something that is surrounded by love and passion. Because of the large followings that tune into these streams, the gaming community has seen acceptance skyrocket in recent years.

Teach New Skills

When gamers play on various streaming platforms, they open other fans up to new gaming techniques. Today, gaming is a valuable skill that can earn someone millions of dollars through the professional video game track. If a player is trying to improve their skills, they can watch a streamer play and take notes. An obvious reason why gaming influencers are popular is because they are good at playing video games. This means that an influencer may be doing something an audience member may not have been doing, which can help the viewer’s own craft. It’s not different from watching professional athletes on TV. A gaming influencer can also serve as a guide for those who are struggling to complete a game via a walkthrough video.

Boost Creativity

Watching gaming influencers can also open you up to more features beyond what is offered and, as a result, boost your creativity. For example, there are many people who modify games by adding new features, such as characters, objects, or environments. This can make the gaming experience even more enjoyable and even inspire viewers to create their own mods. A common access point where gamers discover these mods is through influencers—from there, that passion can continue to build.

Bring People to Events

There are many gaming events that bring fans from all around the world together. Many of these events may even highlight gaming influencers as a way to draw a crowd to an event. This is another way influencers unite gamers. If you attend an event, you might get a chance to interact with one of your favorite players too. This fosters an environment where people become even more invested in the gaming community.

Seen as a Reliable Source

A major reason why gaming influencers build such huge followings is because they are fun, entertaining, and seen as a reliable source of information. Viewers have countless gamers to watch and support through crowdfunding platforms, such as Patreon. This adds legitimacy to what gaming influencers are doing, and makes them even more credible sources.

Keeps Gaming Relevant

With influencers playing games on a regular basis, the video game industry has never been more relevant. This couldn’t be more evident than in games such as FortniteCall of DutyWorld of Warcraft, and others. Gaming influencers build anticipation with their reviews, announcement reactions, and gameplay. A streamer’s content creates a strong community that industries need to survive—influencers are keeping that spark and passion alive.


Gaming influencers impact the community in various ways. Whether it’s providing in-depth reviews for upcoming games, streaming entertaining gameplay, visiting gaming events, or any other content, these gamers are making a real impact. Such influencers have taken the medium to the next level, as video games continue to explode in the 21st century.

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