Best Times to Wear Computer Glasses for Your Wellness

It’s hard to be away from a computer screen for too long, given how our world functions today. There are many side effects of computer use, though, which can be bad for your sleep and eyes. Luckily, computer glasses have been developed to combat these side effects that are largely due to the blue light emitted from screens. The awareness of blue light has never been greater, and we now know the best times to wear computer glasses for your wellness.

Before Bed

While it is best to wind down on computer devices before going to bed anyways, sometimes you can’t leave the screen. The blue lights on screens can affect your sleep, and this is why many mobile apps have a night mode, which will reduce the brightness of the screen. One of the best times to wear computer glasses is right before getting a good night’s rest.

When Eyes Begin to Dry

Hey You Video Game says, “On average a person blinks 17 plus times a minute. Those on a computer are blinking approximately 12-15 times a minute.” The lower blink rate causes dryness and irritation of the eyes. This can all be avoided with computer gaming glasses. Either wear them all the time, or when you start to notice your eyes drying out and suffering from fatigue.  

After Long Periods of Time

Gaming and homework can call for long durations of time staring at a screen, but this can be harmful to your eyes. Long periods of gaming can cause discomfort and eye strain, which can affect your performance. Computer glasses can keep you focused on the task at hand, so you don’t have to worry about any potential eye damage.

When you Get A Headache

Nobody wants to suffer from headaches, but it turns out screens can be a cause of it. You also don’t always have access to pain reliever. Headaches can affect your thinking and focus, but computer glasses can help you avoid the aching.