5 Signs You Should Get Your Eyes Checked Out

According to a study by The American Academy of Ophthalmology, “Despite having [vision] problems, only 13 percent of these people (about 1 out of 8) reported they had seen a medical doctor for an eye exam.” You only get one pair of eyes in a lifetime and you shouldn’t take them for granted. If you notice these signs, you should get your eyes checked out.

Your Night Vision Changes

Our eyes can do some remarkable things, which includes adjusting to the darkness. This is really helpful when you walk or drive at night. However, it can be pretty dangerous if you can’t see at night as you drive. If you can’t make out street signs or see people, it’s time to get your eyes checked out.

Redness and Puffiness

There are infections that can affect your eyes and result in impaired vison. If you notice that your eyes are red, or if you see puffiness, this is another sign you should get your eyes checked out. There are serious infections that may cause discharge like pink eye and others that require your immediate attention.

Suffer from Headaches or Migraines

If you suffer from constant headaches and migraines, this could actually be the result of your eyes changing. An incorrect eyeglass prescription and eye muscle imbalance could be the cause of frequent headaches.

Strained and Fatigued Eyes

Eye strain and fatigue often comes from staring at screens that emit blue light for too long. Eye strain can cause blurred or distorted vision, but you may also feel pain as well. The best way to combat eye fatigue is to wear regular or prescription gaming glasses. This will prevent the harmful effects of blue light.

Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity is our final reason why you should get your eyes checked out. While our eyes are naturally sensitive to light at times, light sensitivity is a heightened version—it causes more discomfort and lasts longer. This can also be caused by contact lens irritation, a dethatched retina, and there may also be inflammation in your eye. Blue eyes are known to be more sensitive to the sun as well. This is worth checking out and you may have to wear some form of glasses as a result.

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