3 Different Types of Eyewear Lenses to Consider

Glasses have been around for centuries and are deigned to help improve vision. Whether your eyes need them all the time or specific conditions require them, your eyes deserve protection—they are the only set you get in a lifetime. Aside from protecting your eyes and improving your vison, eyewear can also make you look more attractive and improve your personal style. If you are looking for a new pair of glasses, discover all the different types of eyewear lenses you have to consider from Glassy.


Prescription glasses are one of the main reasons why people sport eyewear in the first place. You’re not limited to just clear lenses with prescription glasses, either—they’re available in clear, gaming, and sunglasses lenses. To get the perfect glasses for you, simply upload a photo of your prescription. Glasses with prescription lenses not only improve your vision, but they can also upgrade your personal style.


Another type of eyewear lenses available are designed for gamers. Pro gaming style computer glasses provide blue blocker lens technology. This prevents the blue light present in the screens we surround ourselves with every day from causing damage to our eyes. The Vision Council says, “80 percent report using digital devices, including TV, in the hour before going to sleep, with almost 55 percent in the first hour they are awake.” There are many side effects associated with blue light such as eye strain, but these glasses can protect you. Gamer glasses are available in many styles and come with either clear or yellow-tinted lenses.


Summer is here, and you must protect your eyes from the sun. The ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun can have a major effect on your vision, especially when you drive. Glassy’s sunglasses have polarized lenses, and like clear lenses, they have anti-reflective and scratch coating. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from damage, they also make it more comfortable to see in the sun with style. 

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