12 Essential Accessories for Every PC Gamer

Gaming, whether as a hobby or a career, can be expensive because there are several things all gamers should have. According to Newzoo, “Combined, [gamers] will spend $152.1 billion on games in 2019, representing an increase of +9.6% year on year.” However, competitive gaming continues to gain popularity around the world. As such, many players are actively looking for new ways to gain an advantage over other gamers. What’s the best way to accomplish this, you ask? Investing in high-end equipment.

As the gaming industry continues to improve, so will the necessary computer accessories. These essential accessories for every PC gamer will not only improve your setup and skillset but may aid in your overall health as well.

Wireless Gaming Mouse

First and foremost, you will want to invest in a good gaming mouse. This will improve your gaming performance exponentially. Specifically, a wireless gaming mouse offers many features a regular mouse simply doesn’t have. Features such as vibration, customization, quick clicking, and more can give you the edge in the competitive online gaming space. Another great accessory that will complement your new accessory is a large mousepad. This will give you a precision boost via smooth maneuvering for your wireless gaming mouse.

Gaming Keyboard

A high-quality keyboard is another computer gaming essential. Typically, retailers price gaming keyboards within the $100 range; however, similar to a wireless mouse, these keyboards have a lot of game-improving elements. Besides a cool backlight under the keys, a gaming keyboard allows for faster key presses, personalization, durability, and so much more. You can also add an ergonomic addition such as a wrist rest, which will help you avoid fatigue and injury.

Dual Monitors

Every computer gaming setup should have dual monitors. Competitive gaming requires a lot of multitasking and having two monitors over one is crucial. With more screens, you will improve your vision during gameplay. If you are worried that adding another monitor will be expensive, there are plenty of affordable options available online.

High-Quality Speakers

Another addition that will take your setup to the next level is speakers. If you do not want to use your headphones all the time, surround sound ensures your gaming experience will not suffer. Like the keyboard, high-quality speakers run for around $100.

Gaming Headset

For all those moments when you are trying to keep it quiet, you will want a first-rate gaming headset. These headsets are essential for a computer gaming setup, they offer more than just great sound—they also come equipped with a microphone, so you can communicate swiftly with others during multi-player games. Gaming headsets are also extremely comfortable, so you won’t become distracted while playing.

Gaming Desk

With all these additions, you are going to need a place to put it all. A good gaming desk is the backbone of any PC setup; it provides plenty of space to store all your important computer equipment. Plus, there are many customizable options to improve comfort. You can invest in a desk that is suited for mobility, adjustable for standing, has elevated surfaces, offers expanded legroom and elbow space, and more.

Headset Holder

To keep your gaming desk as clean and organized as possible, consider purchasing a headset holder. Some headset holders sit on top of your desk, while others you can clip to the side. There are even headset holders with USB ports, so you have an easy way to charge your other devices as well.

Gaming Chair

One of the most important pieces of PC gaming gear is an ergonomic chair. Gaming for long periods of time doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. To make your gaming experience more enjoyable, you should invest in a gaming chair. Gaming chairs promote better posture, can prevent neck problems, and improve your circulation. As such, gaming chairs with ergonomic qualities can improve your gaming setup and comfortability as well as your health.

Gaming Glasses

Computer screens emit blue light, which leads to eyestrain. If you game for long periods of time, this can become detrimental to your gaming and your health. That is why every gamer needs a pair of gaming glasses—they block blue light, allowing gamers to play longer without causing eye damage. Compared to a blue light filter on your computer screen, which can take away from the graphics, gaming glasses actually enhance the images on the screen. Glassy Eyewear specializes in computer gaming glasses that are stylish while still protecting your eyes. Follow the links below to check out our full collection.


Recently, video game streaming on channels such as Twitch has become a prevalent part of the gaming lifestyle. If you are interested in starting a gaming channel, a high-quality webcam is a gaming setup essential. While some monitors have webcams built into them, many famous online gamers use an attachable one. Not only will it give you better quality, but it is more secure due to it being detachable from the computer.

Microfiber Cloth

With all your expensive new equipment, it is important to take measures to properly care for it all.  Your monitor is often the first thing to get dirty; however, if you do not use the right products or cleaning methods, you may end up ruining the screen. To ensure this doesn’t happen, keep a microfiber cloth on hand. With this, you will be able to clean your computer monitor without damaging it.

Air Canister

All your computer equipment is susceptible to dust, which is problematic—especially if you have allergies. Other debris can become stuck in the small nooks of your gaming accessories and can be difficult to clean off. That is why one thing every gamer should have handy is an air canister. An air canister is exactly what it sounds like—a can full of air that will blow off all dust and crumbs in your gear’s tight spaces and keep it looking as good as new.


Upgrading your PC gaming gear is definitely worth the investment, especially if it improves your performance in the process. No matter if you play for fun or business, everyone can benefit from high-quality gaming equipment. Take the time to research all the different accessories to ensure you choose the ones that best suit your gaming objective.

Thanks to these necessities for PC gaming, you will be ready for anything—enhance your overall gaming experience by investing in these top products.

12 Essential Accessories for Every PC Gamer infographic

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